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Alex Meraz


Alejandro “Alex” Meraz (born January 10, 1985) is an American dancer, actor and martial artist. Meraz is best known for playing the werewolf named Paul in the film New Moon, and its sequel The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. He later reprised the role in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 is set to reprise it once again in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 Twilight Alex Meraz claims indigenous Mexican heritage from the P’urhépecha people. He attended the New School for the Arts, and is an avid painter and illustrator.  Besides break-dancing, which he was advent in during the early 2000s under the name “Nomak,” Alex excels in indigenous and contemporary dancing. He has studied mixed martial arts, winning numerous tournaments in karate and the martial art of Capoeira.


Alex’s first big film was The New World as one of the Powhatan core warriors, inspiring him to continue acting. Thereafter he was in the running for the film Apocalypto but in the end was turned down. His big break came when he was cast as werewolf Paul in the film New Moon. alex_meraz4 He is married to his Vietnamese-American wife, Kim. His wife, a Twilight fan, told him he should audition for New Moon, believing he was perfect for the part. They have a son named Somak, for whom his mentor, actor Raoul Trujillo, is the godfather. Somak means “beautiful one” in Quechua, an indigenous language from Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru.  In June 2012 the couple had their second child: a son named Talus Alexander Meraz. He also starred in the latest season of CSI: New York.

Meaning of the Chinese famous name Wang means great or big

Meaning of the Chinese famous name Wang means great or big

Meaning of the Chinese famous name Wang means great or big

Wang Local Origin of Name: Chinese From the name Wang. Unisex and Last Name Meaning: King or Great 伟, 王  Emotional Spectrum • The seasons affect his emotions more than most. Personal Integrity • Nothing can buy his good name. Personality • A closed mouth catches no flies. Relationships • Friends have often told him how much they like him. Travel & Leisure • A person well-suited to new lands and new faces. Career & Money • Many career moves advance him in his chosen field. Life’s Opportunities • Volunteer work with charities may be rewarding for him. Created by Firstnamestore.com


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Native American name Ii to Kw


Native American name Ii to Kw

Iiniwa Native-American M Bison or buffalo Blackfoot
Illanipi Native-American M Amazing Unknown
Imala Native-American F Disaplines Unknown
Inteus Native-American M Has no shame Unknown
Isi Native-American F Deer Choctaw
Istaqa Native-American M Coyote man Hopi
Istas Native-American F Snow Unknown
Istu Native-American M Sugar Unknown
Ituha Native-American M Sturdy oak Unknown
Ituha Native-American F Sturdy oak Unknown
Iye Native-American M Smoke Unknown
Izusa Native-American F White stone Unknown
Jacy Native-American M Moon Unknown
Jolon Native-American M Valley of the dead oaks Unknown
Kachada Native-American M White man Hopi
Kachina Native-American F Spirit Hopi
Kaga Native-American M Chronicler Unknown
Kai Native-American F Willow tree Navajo
Kajika Native-American M Walks without sound Unknown
Kakawangwa Native-American F Bitter Hopi
Kaliska Native-American F Coyote chasing deer Miwok
Kangee Native-American M Crow Sioux
Kanti Native-American F Sings Algonquian
Kanuna Native-American M Bullfrog Cherokee
Kasa Native-American F Dressed in furs Hopi
Kay Native-American F Elder sister Hopi
Keegsquaw Native-American F Virgin Algonquian
Keezheekoni Native-American F Fire Briskly burning Chippewa
Kele Native-American M Sparrow Hopi
Keme Native-American M Thunder Algonquian
Kesegowaase Native-American M Swift Algonquian
Kestejoo Native-American M Slave Algonquian
Kewanee Native-American F Prairie hen Potawatomi
Kilchii Native-American M Red boy Navajo
Kimama Native-American F Butterfly Shoshone
Kimi Native-American F Secret Algonquian
Kimimela Native-American F Butterfly Sioux
Kineks Native-American F Rosebud Unknown
Kitchi Native-American M Brave Algonquian
Kiwidinok Native-American F Womanof the wind Chippewa
Kiyiya Native-American M Howling wolf Yakima
Klah Native-American M Left handed Navajo
Knoton Native-American M Wind Unknown
Kohana Native-American M Swift Sioux
Kohkahycumest Native-American M White crow or white antelope Cheyenne
Koi Native-American M Panther Choctaw
Koko Native-American F Night Blackfoot
Kokyangwuti Native-American F Spider woman at middle age Hopi
Kolichiyaw Native-American M Skunk Hopi
Kosumi Native-American M Spear fisher Miwok
Kotori Native-American M Screech owl spirit Hopi
Kuckunniwi Native-American M Little wolf Cheyenne
Kuruk Native-American M Bear Pawnee
Kusinut Native-American M Horseless Yakima
Kuwanlelenta Native-American F To make beautiful surroundings Hopi
Kuwanyamtiwa Native-American F Beautiful badger going over the hill Hopi
Kuwanyauma Native-American F Butterfly showing beautiful wings Hopi
Kwahu Native-American M Eagle Hopi
Kwanita Native-American F God is gracious Zuni
Kwatoko Native-American M Bird with big beak Hopi

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Paxton name means peaceful town


Paxton name means peaceful town

Local Origin of Name: English
From the Old English name Paxton

Meaning: ‘Peaceful town’; surname and place name used as first name

Emotional Spectrum . Sometimes silly but never foolish!
Personal Integrity . His integrity is his most precious possession.
Personality . A solid citizen and a complement to our community.
Relationships . A quiet weekend away is everything!
Travel & Leisure . Likes primitive travel by day, but comfort at night!
Career & Money . Many job changes will occur before the right career emerges.
Life’s Opportunities . A good educational background is the key to his success.
Paxton’s Lucky Numbers: 34 .2 . 45 . 24 . 21 . 36
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