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Liam is william. will and helmet. 기사

Local Origin  of  Name:  Irish
From the Middle  English  name  William
Meaning: ‘Will’ + ‘helmet’
Emotional Spectrum  • Cannot  hide  happiness or  sadness.
Personal Integrity • He would never betray a friend.
Personality • A laugh  is worth a thousand groans.
Relationships • Though  not  many in number, his  friends are golden.
Travel & Leisure • Vacations are a time  of  special excitement for Liam.
Career & Money • A career in movies  would suit Liam, a natural actor.
Life’s Opportunities • Only he  holds  the key to his  happiness.
Liam’s Lucky Numbers:   8 • 16 • 20  • 51 • 31 • 27
Origin/Meaning: Frankish ‘Helmet of Will’
Liam’ is a short form of the Irish name Uilliam originating from the Frankish name Willahelm. As a hebrew name Liam means “My people; I have a nation”.