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Anthony name means priceless

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Anthony name means priceless

Local Origin of Name: English
From the Latin name Anthony

Variant name of : Andy,Antony, Antonio,Tony, Antonio, Antonius, Antons, Antony, Antun, ,  Antwuan, Teunis, Thonus, Toney, Toni, Tony

Meaning: Roman clan name used as first name. Priceless

Emotional Spectrum .Able to vent his anger constructively.
Personal Integrity .You would never make a mistake placing your faith in Anthony.
Personality .Never one to stay in one place long, wanderlust is in his blood.

Relationships .If people were more like Anthony, friends would come easily.

Travel & Leisure .Adventuresome in spirit, always on the move.
Career & Money .His career will involve foreign travel.
Life’s Opportunities .Open to new friends and ideas, he is a person of today!
Anthony’s Lucky Numbers: 1 .27 .13 .48 .51 .22

Anthony or Antony is a masculine given name, (ninth most popular male first name in the United States as of 2006), derived from Antonius, a Roman family name (a Roman gens to which Mark Antony belonged). That name seems to have come originally from the Etruscan language, although nothing further is known about this derivation. “Anthony” is equivalent to Antoine in French, Antonio in Italian and Spanish, and Anton in German and Romanian.

Anthony Eden