Andre name means manly


Andre name means manly

Local Origin of Name: French
From the Greek name Andrew
Meaning: ‘Manly’
Emotional Spectrum . You wouldn’t want to be on the bad side of Andre.

Personal Integrity . In a world of deceit, Andre stands for truth and integrity.

Personality . Fresh as a drop of rain.
Relationships . The life of the party, Andre feels comfortable in the spotlight.
Travel & Leisure . Born to travel!
Career & Money . Lessons learned early in life will lead to financial success.

Life’s Opportunities . A survivor, he will always bounce back and be ready again!

Andre’s Lucky Numbers: 15 . 46 . 14 . 3 . 18 . 5

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Aaron name means exalted


Aaron name means exalted

Local Origin of Name: English

From the Hebrew name Aaron

Variant name of :Aaran, Aaren, Aarin, Aaronn, Aarron, Aaryn, Aeron,

Aeryn, Ahran, Ahron, Airen, Airyn, Aran, Aren, Arin, Aron,

Aronne, Arran, Arron, Arun, Auron, Ayren, Ayron, Erin.

Meaning: (Aharon), Exalted or High Mountain

Emotional Spectrum .Falls in love at the drop of a hat!
Personal Integrity .Her honor is her best attribute.

Personality .A smile for all who come her way.
Relationships .Long term friendships come easily to Aron.

 Travel & Leisure .Relaxing is an art-form to her.

Career & Money .Her ability to handle money is well-known!

Life’s Opportunities .Not taken in by scams, people will seek Aron’s advice.

Aron’s Lucky Numbers: 23 .3 .17 .4 .42 .33

Aron is a masculine given name and a surname.

It is an alternate spelling of Aaron, prominent biblical figure in the Old Testament.

The name mean mountaineer, or mountain of strength’s

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